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Start a real learning thing - a Learning Manifesto

Start a real learning thing - a Learning Manifesto

Wherever we deal with the acquisition of knowledge and new skills, we fall back into patterns and thought structures learned early in our lives. And we understand learning as an externally controllable process in which experts pass on their knowledge to learners. By pretending what exactly needs to be learned and in what order. In which we put as much information and knowledge as possible, so that afterwards everything in necessary know-how is available. And in which we then check whether the learners know any single bit.

This is pretty much what most of us have learned about learning in our lives. In school, apprenticeship, study, further education. In such a way that we are socialised accordingly, or perhaps even already genetically predisposed. Yet we actually know (or could know) that learning works quite differently. By the way, it doesn't matter whether it's classic Face to Face or eLearning or Blended Learning, Mobile Learning, Augmented Virtuality Learning, 3D animated Video based Learning or Super Speedy Fast Learning.

Learning is an individual, autonomous process that cannot be controlled, motivated or accelerated from the outside. It can be supported, enabled, fired, energized, emotionalized or challenged. Or stimulated by many other possibilities that are neither invasive nor intruding. Learning takes place best between people. And, by the way, between people who learn, i.e. people who learn together and from each other. Learning takes place in a sustainable and transferable way, where people construct, try out, reflect and apply new knowledge together in cocreative and collaborative settings.

We at L&D cannot imagine all this (and much more) often enough. So that we don't forget it in the zeal of producing teaching materials. Perhaps a Learning Manifesto may help us here, as a framework to which we align everything we produce, offer or construct. I have created a first draft and am looking forward to input from fellow thinkers and designers.

Curating over producing

Especially for standard contents (project management, CRM etc.) we check whether OER or other content already exist that we can/would like to use before we produce them ourselves.

Context over learning on stock

In the case of content that we have planned for a topic relevant to training, we check whether it makes sense to edit it in advance, or whether it is better to make it available in the application context.

Active learning over consumption

For all content that we distribute, we decide what proportion of the content is taken up by knowledge rather than by practice/trial/application.

Prosuming over consuming

Wherever possible, we try to bring the participants into an active role where knowledge is shared and taught. User generated content should explicate more implicit knowledge.

Informal learning over formal learning

Wherever it appears meaningful and purposeful (also in the sense of building up metacompetences), we want to organise learning between people and not as a formal, dictating process.

There's no such thing like a happy Barcamp

There's no such thing like a happy Barcamp

Places where you can learn

Places where you can learn